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Try out your versions of working solutions for business in a "staging room"!

Workshops in German
(on special request they can be held in in English also)

The SolutionStage®  offers space and time for adventures and solutions.

It is a "staging room" to install and try out different versions of "realistic models" for working environments in organisations in a Solution Focused way. Such "productions on stage" could be test-environments how different versions of strategic products or services will be seen and accepted in future by clients. Such "productions on stage" also could serve to create and test different typical settings of communications (with customers, managers with subordinates, within project teams)  or different versions for work processes. 

The core entities of these productions are the persons working in the company (not professional actors) acting as different "figures" (i.e. as clients). The figures and stories are not predefined (as it is done in most of the "role trainings") but are created by the acting persons. During the improvised performance they are supported by a coach as a "stage director". This coaching director is not the "author". He is only responsible, that the "performance is going on".  The acting persons are in a Solution Focused sense the experts, owners and inventors of the performance and the "libretto".

Some documents in English:
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SolutionStage®: A Staging Lab for Solutions - Short Introduction ( PDF)

The SolutionStage at one glance ("The Cube")

A "SolutionStage" for Management-Solutions  (PDF)
This is an extended version of:
Staging of Strategic Solutions for the Future Business: Background and typical applications (PDF)

Looking back to the future (PDF): A cookbook to invent future business solutions.

"Solution Stage": How it is based on Moreno (PDF)

SOLUTIONSTAGE IN AZIONE! (in Italien and Englisch)  A workshop for Bank Directors, given by L.Gerardi, Italy 

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